A future Asus hit surely

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Two posts in one day, yep, I’m bored and flash Pool can only eat up so much time. This has apparently been rumoured for a while but has thus far managed to escape my attention. Asus will be releasing a phone that is also a tablet. Add on the keyboard from their Transformer Tablet cum laptop and you’ve got a phone, a tablet, and a small laptop.

It’s called the Padfone, not the most original product name of all time, and is basically a phone that slots in to the back of a screen+battery chassis. You can also dock it with the aforementioned keyboard from the Transformer and you’ve got yourself a laptop. The Tablet chassis will also charge your phone battery while they’re connected.

Scheduled to be released in the first half of this year, if it comes out for a decent price I will certainly be seeking an upgrade when my phone contract expires later in the year.

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